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Baking memories

Lately my husband has been baking. A lot. He bakes all sorts of tasty treats, but mostly he has been experimenting with different breads and baguettes, some include: parmesan, rosemary & olive oil, cinnamon raisin, cardamom & fennel – and the list goes on.

Photo credit: Chant Asaduryan

With an air of indifference, our cat trails footprints of flour from our kitchen to our living room floor as my husband spends hours pouring over recipes, sprinkling dashes of colourful spices and herbs, and kneading dough. His passion for baking is as inspiring as it is infectious. I’ve learned much from him in the past several months about baking, but mostly, I’ve relearned to balance aspects of my life and focus on the things that inspire me and evoke my own passions.

No one looks back at the end of their life and says: “I wish I had worked more.”

We think about spending more time with family and friends, creating art, giving love and light to others and sharing passions; weaving a tapestry of connections that spread joy and share wisdom while warming our hearts.

Some of us are defined by our work, it’s a vocation, a passion in itself, but we need many pillars on which to stand so that when one falls, we’re still standing – I believe that goes for all things.

These are things I’ve been reflecting over the past hour as the scent of bread has been drifting into our library from the kitchen. On tonight’s menu, we have a chocolate-Nespresso cake.

Back to CrossFit tomorrow!